Nick Drake
Five Leaves Left, 1969
Bryter Layter, 1970
Pink Moon, 1972

Tonight is the Pink Moon, which is not actually pink but is the astronomical term for the full moon that occurs in April. Tonight’s pink moon also happens to be a partial lunar eclipse. In this case, the musical symbolism of the astronomical event is clear: it is worth listening through to Nick Drake again. Drake, who died at the tragically young age of 26, only left us with three albums and a total musical output that amounts to less than two total hours. Nevertheless, his legacy haunts us. His soulful lyrics and folky style persist. Nick Drake has come back into popularity recently - his former producer just released an album of covers called Way to Blue: The Songs of Nick Drake. Drake’s crushing depression in his later years and the resulting suicide are troubling even for modern listeners. Particularly because Drake was almost entirely unappreciated in his time and, now that his gone, is widely praised. We can, perhaps, take some solace from his clear understanding of the fickle nature of fame and success, from his track “Fruit Tree" from the album Five Leaves Left:

Safe in your place deep in the earth
That’s when they’ll know what you were truly worth
Forgotten while you’re here
Remembered for a while
A much updated ruin
From a much outdated style

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